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Pranayam Basics

Improve your health by 120% through this simple ancient Indian Technique

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What am I going to get from this course?

I’ve created this program because I personally have benefited so much from this practice. There is nothing I’m more passionate about. When something works, you want to share it.

The benefits of this course will astound you. Imagine having the resources within you to start each day full of energy and vitality, and to end each day without stress or emotional tension. What’s more, imagine how amazing it would be to have the power to heal yourself, prevent illness, and feel connected to the universal energy all around you.

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Heal yourself

You won’t regret it!

No matter what type of yoga you perform now,

Pranayam will multiply the benefits by 5x times

Join me, Mayur, a teacher who went from falling sick due to low immunity to health freak powerhouse. 

The only sweet side effect is that i never catch cold & have controlled my Asthma. 



  • What is Pranayam ? FREE PREVIEW
  • Asthma and Heart Problems. Why? How? FREE PREVIEW
  • Knowing your Problem Areas FREE PREVIEW
  • Basic Instructions FREE PREVIEW

Sitting Posture

  • Importance FREE PREVIEW
  • Crossed legged sitting position FREE PREVIEW
  • Chair Posture ( Alternate to crossed legged ) FREE PREVIEW

Normal Breathing


  • Normal Breathing FREE PREVIEW

Deep Breathing


  • What is Nadi? FREE PREVIEW
  • Deep Breathe - in FREE PREVIEW
  • Deep breathe - in FREE PREVIEW
  • Deep Breathe-out FREE PREVIEW
  • Deep Breathe out FREE PREVIEW
  • Knowing my Student FREE PREVIEW
  • End of Free Trail FREE PREVIEW

Power Breathing


  • Introduction
  • Power Breathing
  • Affirmations and post exercise activity
  • Share your Feeling

Anulom Vilom


  • Introduction
  • Anulom Vilom
  • Relaxation Affirmations

Practice Audio lesson

  • Anulom Vilom Practice
  • Tracker


This is a life changing course I've ever taken.
Elyssa N MFC
This is the only resource to level up my Yoga teaching!
Gary J Yoga Instructor
Just by altering the way you breathe, Magic happens!
Namrata Professor


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Herbal Healing

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All about how you can use herbal medicine to boost immunity in just over 3 months. A very popular eBook!


Advanced Support

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Get in touch with me on a weekly basis to go over how you're learning is progressing!


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